Welcome to Tides of Red, a low magic, high risk world utilizing the Cthulhu Dark Ages system as a means to an end to achieve mood and environment for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

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The world is rugged, dark and busy. Cities burst with life and intrigue and the wilderness harbors the unknown. Civilization is a shield against the alien world surrounding our characters and no one quite knows what is or isn't possible. All magic is regarded with great superstition and distrust, to the extent that it is largely illegal. Witches are burned, sorceresses whisper in nobles' ears from the shadows, and warlocks live in the secluded wilderness. A seer may be frowned upon and cast out, and the occasional priest may preform a miracle, this is not a forgiving land. Environments may be beautiful, bleak, or barren, but they are always harsh and demanding. 

Ancient races live in the further corners of the known world. Elves, Dwarves, and more sinister intelligences.


Tides of Red

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